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English and Literacy Groups

In the morning we start off with literacy groups, and we have specific activities that are differentiated towards our learning needs. If we finish our activities early, we get to do a variety of activities like, boggle, typing, handwriting, record yourself reading a book and Mathletics. We practice our spelling word and slides every day except. 

In history we have been learning about Australia as a nation and colonisation. It has been interesting to learn about Parliament House and how it functions before we head off to camp. 

In English we have been reading the text Fox written by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks fox. We have been learning about the character Fox and his personality and appearance. During this time, we have been practising to use language features to enhance our narratives and draw in the reader. 

Science and Math's

In math's we’ve been learning about the project of the city of shapes and in that we’ve been practicing area and perimeter. We have been creating our own city and calculating the area and perimeter of our buildings. We can calculate that the perimeter is the outside of the shape, and the area is the inside of a shape. We’ve been doing number talks and our teacher has been teaching us about VIW that stands for Very Important Words. 

In science we’ve been the properties of matter and viscosity. We found out that sauce has the lowest viscosity and water has the highest viscosity. We learnt this with an experiment. We also did another one where we experimented about gas filling up a space. We did a test that helped miss Chand see how  we all area doing in science.

Art and Harmony Day

In Art we have been working on our cyclone art works for operation art. We have been sticking on little bits of paper to make it stand out and we all  painted it with four different colours red, green, blue and orange. It has been real fun doing them and they all are starting to look AMAZING! 

Harmony Day was fun and exciting. We all did the chinese incursion and we learned karate, lion dance and painting. We all wore our orange clothing, and some people wore their cultural clothing.